I mentioned previously that I’d  be in Canada’s only desert.  It is #$%^&*ing AWESOME.


A couple of years ago I established (business) relationship with the operators of this little 5 room guest house.  Best place in this little resort town, plus – unbelievably – probably the cheapest.  The rooms are beautiful.  Elegant, simple, even manly.  A great place for a  getaway.

It was supposed to be different, but ended up there with my son and his GF.  It’s got a kitchen, so we cook.  Nice deck with a great view for the morning coffee which flows down my throat somewhat endlessly in the mornings.

My view from the Java Deck…

The proprietors I mentioned are a fabulous family with a restaurant where they serve the breakfast.  It’s hot for Canada (36C today).  It is 5 minutes from the US border if you’re so inclined but there isn’t much there in north central Washington.  To the east up the mountains, there is a viewpoint overlooking the valley. The Valley is also home to BC’s excellent wine industry, with a few very favorite vintners.

‘Vettes, ‘Stangs, and the odd Aston Martin dominate the highways. [/drool] My poor  ‘Stang is waiting for the supercharged engine I have in rebuild.

In the meantime, my bro is managing developing relationship with a couple of women and he is texting me all the time.  Something about being wingman from 2000 miles away.

A gift I was given just before I left was interesting. I smoke – yeah, yeah, yeah – but more than a few articles are coming up about benefits (Thanks, Hawaiian Libertarian).  The satellite office I work out of is in a major office building.  Lots of women work in the law offices, etc.  The proportion of female smokers to male is HUGE.  I chat and flirt a lot but after one dating episode, tend to avoid the women there.

I observed an apparent IOI from one of the women – just one IOI – that I logged as a datapoint.  Carried on with convo, part ways, don’t see her for a couple of weeks.  In the week before I left, I am talking to her one day, she’s dressed office-like in pants and some top. (Oh, the temerity!) I ask, “Have I had the privilege of seeing you in a dress?”.

Side note: I am not at all bashful about declaring to women I know, or want to know, what exactly it is I like and want to see more of.  Heels, skirts, longer hair, etc.  Sometimes gets me in a bit of trouble, but whatever.

The very next day, I am in a loose conversation with one of my favorites and someone else, but it is drifting to office talk, their office talk. Suddenly, around the corner comes this vision. Dress, heels, and surprisingly (considering it is summer) hose of some sort: the trifecta for me.  Nothing says “complete” to me like hosiery. More awesome legs than I remember. Plunks herself down right next to me.

“Don’t you look nice.”

“Yeah, I didn’t feel like ironing anything. But I had to make up for the effort by shaving my legs.”

We both know our plans for the next day – leaving for vacation or long weekend getaways. Say our goodbyes.  Dumb bunny that I am, I realize later what just happened.

I spoke, she sought to please me.

I’m new at this. Shoot me.

Dannyfrom504 speaks of this.  Crap, all of the manosphere speaks of this.  I’ll figure out my apparent unquestionable power sometime.

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