This week in history

I knew I wouldn’t be prolific here, hoping to get maybe a post a week.  Somehow, good topics have eluded me.  Sure, I had some thoughts and started some drafts but as I put it down, they kind of fell flat.  The potential for this very condition was one of the things that had made me reluctant to dive into blogging. Here are a couple of the things I was struck with.

Alpha or just wanna-be?
My brother had an interview with a large-ish corp opening a new attraction and event facility.  He managed to get before the GM before the job was posted.  A little research suggested that GM was very accomplished in his field and would be a good person to be mentored by.  All seemed to go well and during the course of the interview, GM indicated he was having trouble connecting with one of those beverage suppliers that every facility needs.  You know, the supplier where there are two choices?  

Because my brother had contacts with one of the suppliers I encouraged him to do a spontaneous audition.  Post-interview, he called up contact and arranged for them to connect with GM.  I figured a) this would be the kind of thing he would do if he got the position, and b) what would it hurt?

While brother has attempted to follow up, they have not advised him of the status of the hiring process nor have they even acknowledged the efforts brother made on their behalf.  A professional confidant thinks that brother actually stepped on toes by doing that.  Which then got me to thinking.  Maybe this guy is very accomplished but is still fighting some of the uglier sides of beta behaviour.  He is “open” enough to reveal his challenges and problems but not confident enough to accept help.

Don’t let the handyman in your house!
I do this handyman gig on the side.  I’m not a trade, just a guy who knows some stuff and has customers who appreciate me.  Side note, being “just a guy” I am regularly gratified and disappointed that sometimes, my customers like me more than the pros that came before me.  Just sayin’.

I was working on my most sensitive project in the last couple of weeks: finishing touches on a $2M house prior to subdivision grand opening.  Note, this is Canada.  Building and land are expensive here.  I’d guess that in many locations of the US, this house would be $1M max.  

I got to chuckling to myself.  After all the building and nailing, who was the one who got to come in and see to her final preps – a little lipstick and lingerie?  

The Handyman!

Radical Blogectomy
Finally, courtesy of Vivalamanosphere, I got to this blog on Apocalypsecometh.  Embedded is this article. I’ve been smoking way too much lately.  I didn’t need any encouragement.

Other tidbits you’ll find in there.

-sunscreen causes melanoma
-you might be better off living with prostate cancer than having a radical prostatectomy
-doctors kill more people than guns every year


Have a great week.  Looking forward to vacation with son and his GF starting Friday and heading out to the the only desert in Canada to make the most of what passes for summer here.

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