What about the beauty?

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
– Albert Einstein

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
– Anne Frank

Shibumi has to do with great refinement underlying commonplace appearances. It is a statement so correct that it does not have to be bold, so poignant it does not have to be pretty, so true it does not have to be real. Shibumi is understanding, rather than knowledge. Eloquent silence. In demeanor, it is modesty without prudency.
– Shibumi: Trevanian.


I was drawn to spy novels in my teens and twenties. One of my all-time favourite books is Shibumi, by Trevanian of The Eiger Sanction fame. The main character, Nicholai Hel, is a man who I would characterize as a genuine Sigma.

He is an assassin. He is supremely cynical. He is very solitary. Hel was self-centered and had potential for cruelty. In the midst of that, he understood, valued and nurtured beauty, whether through his gardening or even his contracted consort.

In one scene with a business associate, the associate marvels at the idea that a man like Hel would pick a hobby such as gardening. (Paraphrased) “A warrior-poet, a warrior-philosopher maybe. But a warrior-gardener? Who would ever have thought such a thing?”

Sometimes, Red Pill discourse might have you believe that all is wrong and you must disconnect, harshly correct, and never genuflect.  Recently, I engaged with Dr. Illusion (he starts digging in a bit more here) and Young Hunter at Embrace the Hunt. The topic was immediately relevant as I was dealing with my own, somewhat surprising, onset of Oneitis. I was struck by Illusion and Hunter’s take on the topic, devoid of the rhetoric against being caught up with one woman. Instead, there was a recognition of the beauty that a specific woman could bring to your life.

In my words:

– Brewing coffee while you are in the shower in the morning.
– She isn’t ready when you arrive because she is taking care to enhance her own beauty…for your pleasure.
– The satisfied sounds of appreciation for a job well done. (I am a great cook 😉 ).
– She takes a standing request to heart and makes effort to fulfill it when the circumstances suggest.
– The intimacy of kissing relentlessly in the midst of a full body coital embrace.
– She relishes and craves the warmth of your chest.
– Driving without speaking, simply enjoying caress and touch in place of words.

Perhaps ‘beauty’ is overstating the above. Who can deny though, the understated value of such occurrences?  Why would you deny yourself those pleasures, so simply crafted as to potentially go unnoticed?

At the risk of copyright infringement and mocking a meme, I won’t be that guy.


I must credit Sis at Delightful Oak and Passionate Christian Marriage for her own little inspirational nudge in this direction.  Thanks Sis!

5 thoughts on “What about the beauty?

  1. Sis

    The book sounds interesting. I’ve never thought oneitis was a bad thing, it can be shocking to discover it’s not returned, but that’s their problem not yours. It could never be a bad thing to love another with your whole heart. We should all love others as much as possible with little expectation of return. Oneitis is a word used to describe bonding and bonding is a good thing, unfortunately many people today aren’t as capable of it as others.
    Your examples are poignant, the trick is to slow enough to notice the blessings all around us.
    Focusing on beauty leads to healing and most of us need more of that in our lives.

    1. javaloco

      Thanks, Sis. It is too easy to get caught up in negativity especially in our polarized social and political climate. Many of the movements are based on what is wrong with the other side.

      I can’t say I don’t do it too but there are lessons I get every now and again that help me reassess my attitude.

  2. Young Hunter

    Thank you for the linkage, sir. You hope that some of the men so embroiled in their negativity will relent and take their lives in a better direction. I am happy to see you are already going in a positive direction, if far from where you would like to be.


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